Through a partnership approach to proactively implement client and community focused sustainable social, economic and labour market strategies in order to position Carlow as the preferred location in Ireland in which to live, work, visit and conduct business and to ensure all members of the community derive maximum benefit from this positioning.

“In carrying out our work we espouse the following values:”


  • Commitment to the provision of a high quality, client centered services
  • Partnership and co-operation with others
  • Ethos of equality, dignity and respect
  • Accountability, transparency and integrity
  • Value and respect for staff
  • Development, empowerment and equality of opportunity for people
  • Excellence, diversity and innovation


Sustain current services and develop new services for clients across our rural economic development, community development and labour market activation strategies.


Brand and position the company as a partner of choice to deliver actions across rural economic community development and labour market activation programmes.

Sustain and expand our portfolio of programmes by tendering for new contracts..

Develop talent, culture and values in line with our mission statement and operations.

“We measure our success by analysing:”


  • Level of take up of our services by clients against expected take-up
  • Level of compliance and risk management as evidenced from external audits
  • Stakeholder feedback as evidenced through formal and informal mechanisms
  • Our responsiveness to identify and secure new opportunities
  • Number of external invitations to form strategic alliances
  • Level of public investment secured on an annual basis