The Jobs Club service framework falls under the remit of the Department of Social Protection. The Carlow Jobs Club is part of County Carlow Development Partnerships Labour market activation service, designed to give jobseekers a better chance of finding employment. It is a free and confidential service, funded by the Department of Social Protection, providing advice, support and assistance on employment, job seeking and training. The aim of the Jobs Club is to enable clients to take positive steps towards planning, actively seeking and achieving employment and training opportunities and it is open to jobseekers registered with DSP Employment Services and to everyone who wants assistance in seeking employment.


The Jobs Club offers a three week Group Programme which is designed to offer support in the job-seeking process. The Programme covers areas of motivation, self-awareness and confidence–building, stress reduction, drafting Letters of Application, Interview Techniques and Mock Interviews and how to design a winning CV and liaise with employers. One-to-one services provided by the Jobs Club include, reviewing existing CV’s, CV writing, drafting Letters of Application, Sourcing Employment or Training Information, and sending Job Applications or Online Applications.

The Jobs Club also offers a drop-in service, allowing jobseekers to avail of the facilities of the Job Club such as the internet, telephone or photocopying, at their own convenience and without charge. The Jobs Club services can be accessed either by appointment or walk-in.


Once you are registered with the Department of Social Protection (DSP), are actively seeking employment and are between 18 and 65 years of age.

You are eligible to access the facilities and support you need.

Call into the office on Dublin Street or phone 059-9135534 with any further inquiries.

The Jobs Club services can be accessed either by appointment or walk-in.