About Us

We are the local Development company for Carlow. Our Corporate Purpose is to enable communities in Carlow realise their social and economic potential. We do this by leading the research, design and delivery of high impact strategic community services and projects in Carlow, and by being an active partner in strategic collaborative community initiatives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Carlow to be regarded by all as a preferred location in Ireland to live, work, visit and conduct business.

Company Values

In carrying out our work we espouse the following values:

  • Leadership – We are a confident, ambitious and dynamic force for communities in Carlow.
  • Inclusion – We drive an inclusion agenda so that everyone is part of the growth and success we generate.
  • Collaboration – We will work with partners to generate a higher impact for our communities.
  • Excellence – We encourage, enable and foster standards of excellence by providing resources, thought leadership and skills development to empower our teams to deliver great results for our communities.

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Quality of Service

Ethos, focus, bespoke, evidence based, analysis, developmental and exceptional sectoral knowledge


Skills and capability, commitment, personal touch, respectful and inclusive, professional


Transparent, approachable, consistent, proven record and outputs


Strong links with community groups, regional, national and international organisations

At Carlow County Development Partnership, we consider a community as being a diverse and dynamic group of people, entities and/or organisations who share the same interest or challenge, or who are brought together by geographic boundaries or who have a social and/or economic interdependence.

Strategic Pillars

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