The Woodford Dolmen Hotel is a 81 bedroom hotel nestled on the banks of the River Barrow and surrounded by luscious green grounds on the outskirts of Carlow Town.

The hotel has just completed a major refurbishment and has put in place ambitious plans for 2017 including securing  4 Star status in 2017. Central to these plans are quality employees and the senior staff at the hotel are value their strategic alliance with Carlow Jobs Club and Carlow County Development Partnership CLG.

Colin Duggan, General Manager, points our that “ the Carlow Jobs Club service is great and saves us a huge amount of work. The process is very straight forward.  We get in touch with the Jobs Club and outline what positions we have available. The Jobs Club then match our requirements with their clients and within a few days they send us a list of interested and suitable candidates for interview. It has worked very well indeed.”

Weddings, Gala Dinners and Dances are also central to the hotels business plans for 2017 and Brid Kavanagh, front office manager is very complimentary of the employees who were recruited through the Carlow Jobs Club and states that “ a senior waitress and senior members of their banqueting staff, as well as two part time staff were all recruited via the jobs club. It has been a brilliant success for us. We need good staff in this area and we know that the Jobs Club will only put forward suitable candidates.”


The hotels Sales and Marketing Manager Aisling Maher states that availing of the services of the Carlow  Jobs Club service is a good business decision.  business sense and has given their members valuable training that is immediately apparent in the hotel industry.


“We are saved the cost of advertising, or going through agencies, and this is important for us. We have found it a good route to get the right people. People who fit into our teams.  . I have recommended the service  to lots of other businesses”  She adds that she was talking with another business manager in a Carlow based company who utilizes the services of the Carlow Jobs Club  and confirms that they were also very impressed with the service.  “One of the things that we have noticed is that while people are clients of the Carlow Jobs Club and Carlow County Development Partnership CLG they are always upskilling.  And most importantly they are learning good people skills and social skills and that is vital to us in the hospitality industry.”