The Tús scheme supports both the individual  and the community group pr service where he or she is based and thus makes a valuable contribution to Rathvilly, while providing work experience.

  • In 2018 there are 5  Tús participants in the Rathvilly area, 3 supporting the Tidy Towns , 1 maintains the Graveyard and Church Grounds and 1 works in Administration work in the Parish.


The SICAP programme has worked closely with the Rathvilly Community Development Group since late 2014, providing significant mentoring support to the development of the Group. At the start this consisted in setting up the group in response to requests from the town and providing training in committee and meeting skills. Then the Group identified the need for a  Community needs analysis which was undertaken and which led to the publication of an Action Plan for the community with short, medium and long term actions. A competition was run in schools to develop a logo for the group and funds were leveraged for different projects from a number of different sources. Carlow County Development Partnership continues to work alongside the Group in implementing the different actions under the Action Plan.