Myshall Area


The LEADER Programme worked closely with community groups in the Myshall and Dumprhea areas to develop the community facilities in both area.

In Myshall, support was given to renovate the Myshall Community Centre which is a hive of activity in the area. The Centre is used by every age group in the community, for sporting, social, and cultural activities.

The LEADER programme also provided support towards the development of the Dumprhea Community Centre. With the help of Carlow County Development Partnership and two successive grants, work on the building transformed the dilapidated structure into a bustling hive of activity. Initial work on the site, funded by a 60% grant from CCDP, included a complete “revamp” of the building. Workmen moved in and renovated the centre from the ground up, working on the electrical supply, painting, plastering, flooring and more. A brand new kitchen and toilets were installed as well. An extension was also added, which was made possible thanks to another grant (75%) from CCDP.

“The group were very happy with the hard work of staff in CCDP and the Architect Anita Brennan who worked tirelessly to get the project off the “ ground”

Myshall Area


The RSS programme has two participants in the Myshall area.