The Tús scheme can act as a stepping stone to employment by giving valuable experience, and this is particularly effective in the Healthcare Sector, Childcare Sector, Special Needs Organisations and Hospitality.  Furthermore, it provides a daily structure and builds confidence through the learning of new skills.

  • 29 individuals are currently gaining valuable work experience supporting the work of 6 different organizations
  • The Care and Repair Service - an invaluable service to older persons in the form of contact and small maintenance jobs, allowing older people to remain in their own homes, in their own communities, living as independently as possible, through the improvement of their housing conditions and their level of comfort, security and wellbeing.
Bagenalstown Area
Bagenalstown Area


The LEADER programme provided support towards the development of the Muinebheag Town Park area.


The SICAP Programme worked with Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre to run a parenting programme as well as an Employability Skills Programme for young Job-seekers.


The RSS programme has three participants in the Bagenalstown area, who provide support to Care and Repair and to BEAM.



The ‘New Futures’ programme was run in 2016 as a pilot project to provide development and participation opportunities for women in Carlow, using an intercultural approach.  Running 3 days per week for 20 weeks, it offered participants the opportunity to meet, exchange and enhance communication skills, increase self-esteem, awareness, competence and confidence.  It provided support for individuals and groups who have experienced disadvantage in order to build capacity and resilience, prepare them to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves,  and increase their life chances.

Bagenalstown Area