The VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art is the largest gallery space in Ireland, with 4 galleries and a 330 seater theatre space. Opened in 2009, the arts centre presents national and international art and theatre to a local and national audience. There are up to 15 staff working in VISUAL across many departments and the gallery is underpinned by a vision to create a space for audiences, artists and communities to engage with, explore and be inspired by contemporary art and performance.

For the last 3 years, Tús and VISUAL have worked together to enable young people develop their skills within an arts setting. Participants have spent a year on an internship learning about marketing, box office, front of house, gallery administration, hosting workshops, curation and digital marketing activities. These skills have given the participants a solid foundation in understanding how an organization works, how an arts venue is run and also working across many disciplines. Participants have gone on to get work in VISUAL, based on their internship. The current Tús Supervisor responsible for VISUAL is Lucy Stevenson

This collaboration is a good example of the value of the Tús programme to the arts and cultural life of the county.