There is a strong correlation between deprivation and negative impacts upon mental health.   A lack of opportunities for social engagement and structure can impact upon motivation and creativity and lead to deeper issues such as depression. Men are traditionally less likely to talk about their problems so an area of concern for organizations like ourselves is how to support groups and initiatives which assist men in this area.

In this regard, July 20th was a proud day for men’s sheds in Ireland, as the Irish Men’s Sheds Association launched its new men’s health website, The new website offers information, resources and advice from over 40 Irish health organisations. Based on a template established by the Australian Men’s Sheds Association, the website’s menu is intuitive and easy to navigate, being based on a graphic of the male anatomy.

Users select their age-range, click on the part of the body they want to find out more about, and are then presented with a menu of health topics (including conditions, ailments and lifestyle issues). They can then select from the menu to be taken directly to the website of the country’s leading authorities on that topic. READ MORE HERE.