On May 25th the town of Rathvilly is taking time to check in with neighbours and friends to see how they are, on a day entitled “Hello Rathvilly How R U?” In association with Carlow Mental Health Association and supported by Carlow County Development Partnership everyone in the town is encouraged to take time that day to ask someone how they are feeling and really listen and engage with them, offering support if needed.  We are all so busy these days, that we forget to take time out to check in with the people in our lives or in our neighbourhood. Sometimes we are more focused on people far away on social media and we forget about the person who is right in front of us.


This day is part of the wider Carlow How  R U campaign which has run for the past number of years, encouraging ordinary people and non-experts to talk about mental health. These simple, informal supports – like asking someone how they are – can often help the most.

The campaign has 5 steps – to simply say HELLO and ask the person how they are doing, to ENGAGE with the person in genuine friendliness, to LISTEN and LEARN about the person and to OFFER ongoing support.


Carlow County Development Partnership is delighted to be associated with this work through the SICAP Programme. Like many rural parts of Ireland, Carlow faces mental health challenges associated with loneliness, isolation and lack of support and unfortunately these challenges can give rise to serious consequences, including suicide. Everyone can feel overwhelmed at times in their life but research shows that there is “overwhelming evidence of a strong link between socioeconomic disadvantage and suicidal behaviour”.  Mental health challenges can be impacted by social, economic and environmental factors, including unemployment and rural isolation,so the Carlow SICAP programme is focused on increasing awareness of this fact and on improving mental health supports in rural areas and in communities impacted by disadvantage.

If you would like further details of this initiative please contact Joanne at 086 3843361