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Labour Market Activation: Mock Interviews in the Carlow Jobs Club

One of the challenges facing job-seekers is the length of time they have been out of the processes involved in getting a job, such as designing a CV, filling in Application Forms and getting past an Interview. Mock interviews respond to one of these challenges by providing candidates with an opportunity to test out their interview skills with someone who isn’t evaluating them for an actual job. Mock interviews also help job seekers clarify responses to certain questions and work on areas where they may have weaknesses. Furthermore, whereas in a real interview, feedback is not always forthcoming, the mock interview allows the interviewee ask questions, hear how to improve,  and where to focus their answers.

As part of its 3 week Group Programme the Carlow Jobs Club held Mock interviews this Easter week, where each participant on the programme took part in a half hour session. The Interview panel was made up of members of the Carlow business and academic community who generously give of their time every three weeks to assist the programme in this way. The interviews are also video-recorded, and participants have the option of looking at their performance afterwards, to see aspects such as posture and Body language, as well as noting the answers given in the interview setting.

If you have any questions about finding a job, or would like help in any way with your CV or preparing for an interview just call into the Jobs Club. Its opening hours are 9 - 1.00 and 2.00 - 5.00

Labour Market Activation: New Jobs Club Programme starts

A new  Jobs Club Group Programme with 9 participants started this morning in the Jobs Club Premises at 9 The Royal Mews,  Dublin St.,  Carlow. The 3 week programme is designed to prepare participants for success in job interviews, and does this by covering areas such as telling the life story, identifying your strengths, how to successfully apply for a job, CV preparation and interview practice. Previous participants have found the programme to be of huge benefit in sharpening their skills in preparation for interviews or in raising motivation and confidence following a period of inactivity. The Jobs Club is funded by the Department of Social Protection.

If you are a job-seeker and would like to take part on the Programme, talk to your Intreo Case Worker who will nominate you onto the Course.