“I am 73 years old. You lose power. You cant go up ladders like you did in your 20’s – you think you can but you can’t. Care and Repair makes you feel secure, it gives you that security”

Care and Repair user from Tullow

Number of Older persons currently benefiting from Care and Repair: 314
How you can get support for yourself or your loved ones: Contact Niamh Murphy at 0860418554 or call us on 059 9720733


Carlow County Development Partnership has been running the Care and Repair Programme service  in conjunction with Age Action Ireland since 2012.

The Idea: Improving quality of Life through supporting older persons at home

The vision of the Carlow Care and Repair programme is to enable older and vulnerable people to remain in their own homes, in their own local communities, living as independently as possible, through the improvement of their housing conditions and their level of comfort, security and well-being and through the contact and support offered by the Care and Repair team.

The Care and Repair programme carries out minor repairs for older and vulnerable people free of charge at locations all over Ireland and provides contact details of local tradesmen for larger jobs. Befriending services are also provided through visits and telephone calls

It consists of two services:

1) The Repair Service – uses a team of handypersons to carry out small repairs and to complete minor home tasks for older people. The most common services required by older people are small gardening jobs, minor paint jobs (e.g. front door, garden gate), changing plugs, replacing fuses and light bulbs, putting up shelves, moving light pieces of furniture across a room, and taking down curtains, installing security locks and chains, installing domestic smoke alarms. All requests for small jobs are considered.  Volunteers in effect provide a willing pair of helping hands to do a variety of small tasks that an older person may find difficult to do. A “job” is expected to take no longer than an hour, though many small tasks may be undertaken during the same visit. The service is free – clients only pay for materials used.



2) The Care Service – is a weekly contact phone call made to the client at a pre-arranged time by a member of the Care and Repair Team. The purpose of the call is to offer regular social contact to older people who could be at risk of isolation in their own homes, make sure that they are in good spirits, not in need of urgent support, especially medical attention, and also to inform the client of activities and services available to them in their area.



If you would like to join the Care and Repair service, or have a relative who you think could benefit,  do not hesitate to call Niamh Murphy on 086 0418554